Description and Variants to your product reflect your seriousness to sell Seller Handbook

Online selling is an infinite platform of opportunities, exposure and prospects. As a seller you cater to a diverse group of customers and it is very important to cater to each customer efficiently especially since online shopping does not facilitate any seller-buyer interaction.

Two very important aspects related to the products sellers offer, are the descriptions and variants of the product.  These two aspects can make up for the absence of touch and feel factor in online shopping. Elaborated and honest descriptions and variants mentioned, highlight the seriousness of the seller as well as bring about the seller’s understanding of his/her customer’s concerns.

5 Points That Should Be Part Of Description

Description can have a vastly undefined scope and as a seller you might be confused about what all to include in description. Here are 5 points that should be covered for a proper description of the product.

  1. Material used in the product: Sometimes buyers don’t trust online shopping because of absence of touch and feel aspect. But as a seller if you have honestly mentioned the material and even the composition of the material, then you can cater to that segment of customers also.


2. Dimensions of the product: Mentioning the dimensions clearly paints a picture to the customer and he/she can decide according to personal preferences


  1. Colour of the product: Sometimes the image may not capture the right shade and colour of the product. This may bother the customers because in case of specific categories such as clothes, some customers might be highly selective about the colour and even the shade of a particular colour. Clearly mentioning the colour in the description complements the picture completely.
  2. Usage/Occasion of the product: Some products are very unique and highly specialized that the usage needs to be properly defined.
  3. Warranty: It is important to mention warranty wherever applicable as this helps build the trust of the customer.


Points That Should Be Part Of Variants

Variants of products can truly pamper your customers and spoil them for choices. While variants can truly highlight your shop, it is also important to introduce the variants effectively. For applicable categories, do not miss to add size variants, colour variants and even style variants.


When you are offering bulk products on your shop then it might be cumbersome to add variants to each and every product separately. Variants can also be added using bulk edit feature of MyShop. This features saves time as well as makes the product showcasing platform seamless for the customers.