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“I represent the sixth-generation of my family business,” laughs Rohit Dinani, co-owner of legendary footwear manufacturers Relax Nagra. With its roots in pre-partition Baluchistan, Relax Nagra have been dressing India’s feet in gorgeous juttis and chappals since a long time. And what makes the business endure is its equal.

“I am not a footwear designer by training,” says Rohit with a touch of self-deprecation. “Only by passion and instinct. I research and innovate on new designs constantly and make the cutting patterns which I hand to artisans.”

img-20161125-wa0016Rohit and his business partner, who look the legacy of their family business forward

Apart from their constantly evolving beautiful designs, the other differentiator of the brand is their emphasis on handicraft.

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 “There is absolutely no automated machine involved in making our footwear. Every piece is created by our artisans,” says Rohit. This emphasis on handiwork assures more employment to Relax Nagra’s artisans, most of them from rural Rajasthan.

“We also supply footwear to Khadi Gramodyog,” says Rohit. “Giving back to the handicrafts industry has always been very important for us.”

Artisans work on each product with their hands without using any industrial machinery

The Shopo Experience

“Those sellers who have used other e-commerce platforms will know what I’m talking about when I say Shopo is completely different,” says Rohit. “With other e-commerce portals, it takes two-three days for a product to get uploaded and with Shopo, the time is just a few hours.”

beautyplus_20161125151846_saveRelax Nagra has physical presence through shops operated by Rohit and his family

Rohit says Shopo’s “usability” makes it absolutely unique. The number of orders he gets from the platform are “very high” and constantly growing.

And does he have any advice for Shopo newbies? “Add a post or product regularly and share it simultaneously on your Instagram and WhatsApp accounts for better traction,” he says. “It helps, trust me!”

beautyplus_20161125171316_saveRohit meeting retailers to show them his designs

Check our Rohit’s entire range of footwear on his Shopo’s shop – Click Here.