How is selling on Shopo different from selling on WhatsApp or Facebook directly? Seller Handbook

Today, everything about selling is dynamic. While selling on a digital medium has revolutionized the system, there are different mediums with different capabilities and fortes and as a seller, it is very important for you to identify the medium that can represent the phenomenal potential of your product offerings.

Shopo is one such medium that has been curated keeping in mind the best of seller and consumer interest. Shopo believes in empowering the sellers and thus there is a clear Model hallmarked with the following features:

  1. 0% commission to be shared with the platform
  2. Seamless interaction with the customer through the chat option.
  3. No cost of setting up and no initial seed capital required. As long as you have your products, you are good to go.
  4. Unrestricted access to the customer without any third party intervention


Shopo might be pitted against platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp as selling mediums as even these mediums guarantee the above points. Well, these points are just the highlights of the features that Shopo offers. Here is a detailed analysis of how Shopo addresses each and every aspect of turning your products collection into a popular and prospering shop with a thriving brand character.

1) Shopo enables its sellers to display all products under one roof: Online selling is all about how well the products are being displayed & categorized with proper pricing ,description etc. Shopo is a platform that facilitates its sellers in displaying all products at one place according to its product category where in through mediums like Facebook & Whats App there is no proper display & categorization of its products.



2 ) Shopo enables its sellers to engage their buyers through regular updates  : Shopo is a platform that enables sellers to keep its buyers updated about their product range, offers ,new collection through its feed where in with Whats app you have to constantly share your updates , new collection etc. Also ,Shopo facilitates its seller with huge follower base & seller have access to the buyer base through direct interaction on Shopo chat.




3) Shopo offers its sellers better order management  & easy payments than any other platform : Shopo is a platform where sellers can process their orders in the most efficient & simplest manner , they can keep the track of their orders and segregate them into placed, confirmed, cancelled, shipped, delivered and rated.

Shopo offers buyers to pay easily online with Freecharge which helps its sellers to receive payments with no hassle, which isn’t the case with selling on Facebook & Watsapp. It isn’t transparent & organised as its on Shopo.



4 ) Visually More Appealing than Any Other Platform: Shopo enables its seller to set up online Shop in the most productive way with no investment. Being able to display its range of products with attractive product description ,regular engaging post updates with its buyers through feed  which altogether makes the buyer experience enriching where as its not the case with other platforms



5) Phenomenal Reach :  Getting orders from online business is all about reaching your right customer with the right approach & Shopo is a platform where you can launch your products into the world of varied customers with in a fraction of seconds through its share option on social media , chat option , Shopo feed where you can share new product range with those customers whose interest area compliments with your product category



6) Right place to build your Brand Name: With proper images, descriptions, interesting posts and regular sales, your Shop can connect with the customers on a whole new level. With constant interaction, the customers can get to know what your shop stands for and the quality it offers. This way you can seamlessly chisel a brand name out of your shop name.


Shopo means serious business and if you have the drive to sell more, Shopo is going to complement that drive impeccably. In fact, you can simultaneously use platform like Facebook and WhatsApp to enhance your shop performance by sharing product links, shop links at the time of sale or when you add new products.