How to reduce your order returns ? Seller Handbook

We know how much every single order means to our sellers and is a contributor to their journey towards bigger goals. We wish every new order enhances this journey yet there might be various cases of order returns. While order returns are a constructive way to understand what your product is lacking, these cases can sometimes also be hurdles which might be avoided.

Here are quick tips for you to follow and ensure that your order is not returned.

  1. Returning an order in case of cash on delivery is hassle free. Even if the buyer likes the product, as a last minute mind change he/she might return it. Just as a precautionary measure, try to convince your customers for Freecharge payments. You can also encourage them by offering discounts on Freecharge payment.


  1. Sometimes buyers place orders impulsively and then choose the COD option so that they can change their mind later. For any COD order you receive, it is a great practice to re-check with the buyer before dispatching it.
  2. Sometimes buyers share false numbers or their old numbers on the website so that they are not bothered later.Check if the buyer is active on the mobile number you have of him. Active mobile number signifies that the buyer at least intends to accept the delivery.
  3. Reconfirm the delivery address as well.Reconfirming saves hassle and also gives a chance to the customer to think once more about the order.


  1. Clearly communicate your shop policies regarding returns and exchanges. Customers usually do not read such policies so make sure it is mentioned in a crisp and clear manner.


  1. Sometimes, the buyers place the order in an impulse and at the time of delivery, they might not be able to recollect. Perfectly package the product and on the top clearly write that the order is placed on Shopo.
  2. Choose a reliable courier service with a record of attempting COD deliveries well.Check how many times they attempt delivery or call the buyer before returning the order, in case of buyer’s absence. These minute actions help build trust with the buyers.

Also, make sure the the courier partner doesn’t allow the customer’s to open the package without making the payment first. In case of returning the order, proper return and refund process has to be followed.

  1. Provide alternate number of buyer to the courier partner, so that there is no case of failed delivery.
  1. Once you ship the order, submit the AWB number on the app and prompt buyer to track it. As a seller, you also need to track the order and can notify the buyer once the product reaches his/her city.