Shopo – An online selling platform for Mompreneurs and Homemakers Seller Handbook

Being a Mom is something really special and it can take up a plethora of your time. You know you love your children but you have a passion for something more. You want to chase your dreams while ensuring it does not impact your personal and family life.

In few hours of your free time, you might be pondering over varied questions like what makes you happy, how you can put your free time to productive use, what was your dream job pre-family and many more. These are all important questions to ask yourself when you are trying to find your life’s purpose. It can be starting your own business, become a blogger or teacher or professor, conduct workshops on varied topics, etc. Moms across the globe have gone the extra mile to follow their dreams and passion.

In this article, we will discuss about starting your own online selling business as a Mom and growing it big. First question that comes to everyone’s mind is what kind of products can be sold online with low cost investment. Few options include fashion jewelry (handmade or resale), own fashion boutique, handmade items like colourful gift wrapping ideas, envelopes and diaries, reselling home-utility products and much more.

After selecting the product line, next confusion will be how to choose the right platform/channel for your business. There are multitude of platforms/channels you can go ahead with like major ecom platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra or Jabong, small niche players like craftsvilla, Shopo, setting up for own website, sell on facebook buy-sell groups or just limit it to offline sales.

There are pros and cons associated with every platform. For e.g. big e commerce firms will need documentation and regulatory checks to be done taking in much of your time and effort apart from the huge margins charged by them. Creating your own website needs more hours of hard work and dedication. Selling on buy-sell groups is quite cumbersome while it comes to finding the right buyer base and managing orders.

You want a platform you can understand and grow with? Shopo is the ideal online selling platform for all the Mompreneurs out there. It was launched in April, 2015 by Snapdeal to enable small and medium scale businesses grow online and be self-sustainable. Since then, it has gained a lot of traction from buyers as well as sellers. Here are  the key benefits of selling on Shopo:


Here are the stories of successful Mompreneurs and Homemakers who are growing their business with Shopo:

Femsa by Sumathi: The registration process is so simple and user-friendly and requires no fee,” says Sumathi. On top of that the Shopo team guides you very closely, making your store look better than anything you had imagined. For me, creating jewellery has always been therapeutic, a way to relax, and now I am so happy that I get to covert my hobby into a business and share it with everyone!” Read Sumathi’s story on how she sewed together the colorful threads of entrepreneurship for her venture:


Heritage handicraft by Dhara: Dhara registered on Shopo almost eighteen months ago and Dhara says the experience has been “wonderful”. “I get orders every day on Shopo,” she says, “the reach is enormous.” So impressed is Dhara with the platform, that Shopo is the only e-commerce portal she now uses. “It is so friendly and easy to use,” she says. “Shopo is ideal for entrepreneurs like me.Read the inspiring story of young entrepreneur here:


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At Shopo, we strive to empower and grow every single shop. If you have any queries/concerns about anything related to selling on Shopo, drop mail at and we will love to assist and guide you.