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#Shopoangels of the Week – Shreya & Latika Shopoangel

Like butterflies of hope, our shopoangels are back with tips to style the budding new season. It’s time to throw off winter’s mantle and to get into the spring of things. Our gorgeous glam girl guides tell us how to keep our spring looks stylish and attitude sunny side up ! The angels guiding us this week, with a spring in their step, are Shreya...

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#Shopoangels of the Week – Shivangi & Sneha Shopoangel

The season’s playing a game of peekaboo with us, so thank the elements for things we can always depend on — like our constant fash-saviours, our very own Shopoangels! Let it be winter in the morning and summer by the afternoon, we are always in the eternal sunshine of our spotless girl guides. Shivangi and Sneha are our hip cherubim for the week. Her tip of the season...

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