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New Shop of the Week – AcrossDeal Featured Shops

A brocade-backed clutch, a jute tote ideal to perk up balmy shopper afternoons, retro-inspired stylish wristwatches… the most succinct word for Prashant and Nisha Agrawal’s collection at Acrossdeal is “eclectic”. Here you will find handy, tasteful gifts and accessories for just about everyone. “We try to offer customers a whole range of options at a very reasonable price,” says Prashant, who has trained as a...

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Seller Tip – Fine Tune Your Photos Seller Handbook

We live in a visual world and shooting good images of your products is your first step to inspire interest in your products. Here are some tips to help you get there.  Meet Your New Friend, Image Resolution– every website has an optimum image size. Your image needs to meet that or exceed that but not be smaller. Smaller images will get stretched and will...

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Got handmade products? 5 tips to make it big on Shopo Seller Handbook

Being artistic is fun, being an entrepreneur who is artistic, well, not so much. Many a time creativity overpowers your sense of business and hinders your growth. Striking a perfect balance between both can do wonders for your career. So if you have the zeal to take your talent of creating handmade products to the next level, we are here to help and give you...

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