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Featured Shop of the Week – Aadhya Creations Featured Shops

He creates lamps out of old bottles of the bubbly, but that is not the only reason you get drunk browsing through Puneet Rehlan’s collection of wonderful home décor items called Aadhya Creations. You see when you buy a chandelier from Rehlan’s Aadhya Creations, you’re also buying a gorgeous story of transformation. “The idea behind Aadhya Creations was simply to make beauty out of waste,”...

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Home Décor For Those Starved For Space Shopo Picks

You can make a tin can look beautiful if you want to. So we imagine your situation is slightly better then that. If you find yourself wrestling with a decorating ideas and a shortage of space, you have come to the right place.  Swear By Sectionals– L Shaped sectionals are space saving geniuses. They make for comfortable seating for at least 5 people and are...

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