What’s Hot on Shopo This Week? Seller Handbook

Trending Activity 1 – Shopo Flea Market

Shopo believes in rewarding dedicated sellers in more and more creative ways and one such curated opportunity is the ‘Shopo Flea market.

Diwali and Durga Puja constitute a festive season wherein people love to splurge. While online shopping is increasingly becoming a favourite option for the shoppers, in the festive season families make a day out of shopping. It becomes an event to celebrate, mingle and rejoice. All this and a lot more you can gift to your customers through Shopo flea market.26

This wonderful opportunity kick-started at Regency Park 2, Gurgaon and continued to DLF Place, Saket and ended in Nirvana Country, Gurgaon and has been able to attract a great lot of customers and potential customers for our dedicated sellers of Delhi NCR.14

  1. Apart from impressive sales, the sellers are also able to reach out to the potential customer base.
  2. This opportunity has helped them understand customers better and also receive direct reviews and preferences from the customers.
  3. This concept has given our sellers the best of physical and digital medium.

Trending Activity 2 – Diwali Assortment

With the exciting Diwali season going on, our sellers have already decked up their shops for Diwali gift assortments and competitive plus creative ideas. From home decor to lighting options, from dresses and accessories to cute cutlery pieces, Diwali encapsulates the essence of all these gift ideas and a lot more. This is your moment as a seller to show that you know what exactly your customers want.




Trending Activity 3 – #ShopoDiwali Hashtag :

Add sparkles of glorious offers and assortments to your shop and your guests will definitely be enamoured. For the best of exposure on digital platform start actively promoting through posts with #ShopoDiwali. Many sellers have started adding this hashtag to their posts and this hashtag is efficiently enhancing their visibility in the festive spirit.


Stay updated with activities on Shopo and ensure you are doing all of those. Install/update your Shopo app now, if not already!