You received an order? Here are all the precautions you must take Seller Handbook

No matter what volume of sales you handle as a seller, each and every new order represents a new opportunity and a lucrative interaction with the buyer. Here is simple step by step guide on how you can seamlessly execute the delivery process once a new order is recovered. Every new order holds the potential of translating into multiple orders in the future hence mistakes should be avoided with calculated precautions.

1) Instant Response to The Order: Once the order is placed, the pace in which you respond to the order reflects your activeness as a seller. Without dillydallying, make sure you respond to the order with a confirmation or a cancellation notification. If the unattended order stays the same way even 2-3 days after receipt of the order, then it gets cancelled automatically. Such a scenario drastically impacts your seller score, which in turn can impact your future transactions.


2) Timely Shipping & Valid Shipping Details: Once as a seller you have confirmed the order, make sure that the items are shipped within the mentioned timelines and maybe even before that. An early delivery always delights the customer. While as a seller you might face logistics issues, avoid order delivery delay at all costs. Try to conceive of all the hurdles that may arrive and plan in advance. Also, once you have shipped the order, update the shipping details on the app instantly. Proper sharing of shipping details, assures the customer that you are thorough professional and value the customer’s time. Not updating proper shipping details might also lead to a derogatory impact on your seller score.



3) Order Cancellation- A Strict Rarity: The option to cancel a received order must not be dealt like an option by the seller. Only in case of absolute dearth of possibilities for delivering the order, should the cancellation be considered. If you are regularly cancelling orders, remember that this is impacting your seller score as well as your customer’s trust in you. Once prominent reason that leads to frequent order cancellations is that the stock is not updated regularly or the stock status is not updated regularly. If you know your bestselling items, maintain the stock efficiently and even if that is not possible, make sure the stock status is updated regularly. Some item that is out of stock must not be visible as ‘available’ to the customer unless the stock is replenished.


4) Prepare In Advance for The Possibility of RTOs: While as a seller you cannot completely curt order returns, you can take necessary precautions to control the possibility of RTOs. Simple and basic habits such a confirming the address with the customer before dispatching the order, choosing reliable courier service for delivering the order, packing the order perfectly reflecting that it has been placed on Shop etc. can help you eliminate the reasons because of which the customer might return the order. For a more detailed, step by step procedure to control RTOs, click here.